University Symbols

University of Southeastern Philippines Seal

University Seal

Symbols and Meanings
  • Mount Apo - Mount Apo is in Region XI. It is considered the tallest mountain in the Philippines and it is the cultural pride and heritage of the people of Southern Philippines
  • Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle - A very rare species among Philippine Eagles. It is flying and mighty. It can only be found around the mountain ranges of Mount Apo. It is so rare that only a limited number to date exists. It is now considered the symbolic bird of southeastern Philippines.

  • Man - Being the prime mover of all endeavors specially in carrying out the objectives and purpose of the institution in developing the totality of man.

  • Five Rays - represents the five (5) main provinces of the region - the three (3) Davao provinces, Surigao Sur and South Cotabato where the core of the institution is to be developed and enhanced.

  • Courses of Endeavors - Instruction, Reserch and Extension are in circular formation toward man - being the prime mover of all endeavors

The Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle stands for the ideals and aspirations of the University of Southeastern Philippines.

The Eagle represents the rarity of those who belong to the first State University in Region XI. It signifies far-reaching vision of the future and the eagle's talon exemplifies the strength of the University of Southeastern Philippines.

The legendary height of Mt. Apo stands for the strong will of the University's constituents to rise above the ordinary. Its breadth indicates USEP's desire to reach across all the region's concern.