USEP-Tagum envisions a well-developed Southern Philippines thru professionally-trained manpower equipped with relevant education that it responsive to the needs of the community and globally competitive.


USEP-Tagum shall strive for academic excellence in the areas of agricultural technology, agricultural engineering, forestry, education and advanced programs in agriculture and education. Likewise, it shall undertake research, extension, and production activities that would contribute to the attainment of the country's goal for food security and sustainable development.


In pursuit of its vision-mission, USEP-Tagum shall:

  • Provide relevant programs of instruction and professional training in agricultural  technology, agricultural engineering, forestry, education and graduate programs in agriculture education;
  • Pursue vigorously a sustaining program of faculty development;
  • Conduct relevant researches and transfer appropriate technologies from research centers to the farmers' field;
  • Sustain/expand production projects to generate more funds for development, while under - taking on-farm trials, modeling and training;
  • Establish linkages with the government and non-government agencies in the areas of instruction, research and extension; and
  • Provide scholarships and part-time jobs to students from low-income families.