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Can a faculty be evaluated for NBC 461 when on study leave for that cycle?

A faculty on study leave may be evaluated only for CCE but not for QCE, since during that cycle period there is no basis for QCE in any of the areas – Instruction, Research, Extension and/or Production.

Can a faculty still be given her equivalent rank when the ZCC-EM has already released the institution’s final printout for that cycle?

The ZCC-EM shall release final printout only once, reflecting the final CCE and QCE points. It is the institution that sets deadlines for the submission of both CCE and QCE documents, not the ZCC-EM.

Can the output of the University Committee serve as basis for QCE evaluation of the faculty?

Draft printouts indicate only the CCE scores of each faculty. These scores are still subject to change depending on the compliance of deficiencies. The final draft printout issued by the Center is the basis for the QCE evaluation when the faculty concurs to the printed score by affixing their signatures.

Why are scores in the printouts issued by the Center usually lower than those of the University CCE Committee?

Maximum points are set for a given area. Once you reach that maximum score, the computer program will automatically truncate any additional entry; hence, no point will be added into the score.

Who may transact with the Zonal Center?

Only authorized representatives of the institution may be entertained by the Center. These may be any of the institution’s CCE and QCE Committee members.

When may the final printout be released?

The final printout may be released when the head of institution endorses the (1) final draft printout duly signed by all the faculty members in concurrence of the printed CCE scores and (2) the QCE scores duly signed by the PASUC Regional Committee along with the photocopy of the receipt of payment of the QCE fee.

When may the QCE be evaluated?

The basis for the QCE will be the CCE score printed on the final draft printout if and only when all the faculty shall have affixed their signatures indicating their concurrence.

What documents may be acceptable to the Center?

Only faculty folders endorsed by the Head of Institution will be accepted by the Center for evaluation. Names of the faculty should be enumerated therein. Each supporting document should be stamped authentic photocopy of the original and relevant to specialization or designation of the faculty.

Will the CCE scores for a given cycle be nullified if the faculty decides not to have the QCE?

The CCE scores will just accumulate. It is advisable that the faculty subject himself for evaluation so that the points for professional development could be credited for that cycle; otherwise they become “stale” for the next cycle. Educational Qualification and Academic experience may still be credited outside of the cycle period.

Who may be evaluated for the NBC 461?

All faculty members, regardless of tenure, as long as they are endorsed and the corresponding fees paid for by the Institution.