Zonal Calendar

Organizational Structure


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  • University President
    • Generate policies, standards, priorities, fund allocations, etc.;
    • Approves related proposals;
    • Authorizes fund disbursements;
    • Enters into contract and other agreements pertaining to the business of the center.
  • Center Director
    • Recommends to the University President policies, strategies, guidelines, activities, budgetary allocations, etc. pertaining to the business of the zonal center;
    • Directs the planning, implementation and monitoring of work at the center;
    • Collaborates with institutional linkages for center needs and operation;
    • Approves the official printouts.
  • Coordinator
    • Assists the Director in the formulation of policies, strategies, guidelines, etc. pertaining to
      the functions of the center;
    • Coordinates, packages, consolidates and operationalizes the center plans;
    • Takes charge of initial review of documents characteristics to determine compliance;
    • Certifies the authenticity of printout.
  • Reviewer
    • Validates the results of institutional evaluation;
    • Maintains the standards across the client institutions;
    • Articulates the actions taken on particular faculty evaluation;
    • Endorses valid records to the encoder for processing.
  • Encoder
    • Takes charge of data entry into the computer;
    • Maintains databases and other files;
    • Produces the official printout of evaluation;
    • Endorses soft and hard files, and other documents to the records clerk.
  • Records clerk
    • Officially accepts and issues/releases all documents relevant to the functions of the center;
    • Organizes and monitors files and resources;
    • Supervises the storage of documents and properties;
    • Submits regular reports on the progress and status of his work.