Zonal Calendar


The USeP Zonal Center shall be an active partner of the state institutions of higher learning in Eastern Mindanao for the promotion of equitable professional advancement among the faculty leading to the development of a critical mass of professionals that respond to the requirements of quality in Philippine higher education.

The USeP Zonal Center undertakes the review and computerization of faculty evaluation in the state or higher education institutions within Eastern Mindanao in accordance with the established standards for the promotion of equitable professional advancement resulting in more improved faculty morale.


  • To produce timely and accurate results of computerized faculty evaluation in the state higher
    education institutions in Eastern Mindanao.


  • To contribute substantially towards the improvement of faculty morale in the public higher education institutions.


  • To review the faculty evaluation in accordance with established guidelines;
  • To computerize the faculty evaluation using a common program as well as standard methods and procedures;
  • To generate the prescribed reports of evaluation and computerization;
  • To insure the safety of records and other documents pertinent to the functions of the center.


  • Continuous multi-sector consultation
  • Guided personnel selection and procurement
  • Staff development
  • Facility development
  • Active agency collaboration
  • Regular management system analysis