Library acquires 2.2M worth of books, non-prints

library shelfThe main library has acquired total amount of 2,261,286.25 million worth of books, CDs, DVDs, and transparencies through public bidding and canvass. The budget allocation made possible from the special trust fund of the University. Various professional and general book collections were acquired based on the curriculum as specified for Engineering and Geology, Technology, Education, Arts and Sciences, Business, Economics and Hospitality Management. Also available are the titles related to Philippine Constitution, Sociology, Writing, Speech, Filipino subjects, Algebra, World and Philippine Literature, Contemporary Literature, Rizal, Music, Physical Education, and Governance. 

Book selection made during the Davao Colleges and Universities’ Network or DACUN bookfairs and the Faculty members from the College of Education, Technology, Arts and Sciences, Education and Governance, Business and Economics were invited to actually browse and for then to experience the cheapest way of looking though the content of the books. Aside from the books, non-prints like CD, DVD and transparencies were also acquired especially in the area of geology, Science, Technology, English, Engineering, Philippine History and Culture, Social Issues, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, and Marketing and Management.

On the other hand, the books selected by the faculty members of the College of Governance and Business (CGB), School of Applied Economics (SAEc) and College of Technology (CT) were already forwarded to their respective College Libraries. The books are now ready for accessed. Immediately proceed to the main library for the details on how to the borrow books.