College of Technology Library

The College of Technology Library (CT Library) is an administrative configuration which systematically integrates four primary components: library, audiovisual, instructional development and alternate instructional modes into an operational unit perceived to function as a support service and as a change agent as the College of Technology pursues its mandate to produce graduates who can compete in the global arena.

The facility can contribute greatly to program success and quickly become the hub operations around which the system's components revolve. The activities that can conveniently take place in the CT Library include:

  • Identification and distribution of instructional modules
  • Student independent study
  • Scheduling of learning activities
  • Storage and dissemination of instructional media

Either as a part of the CT Library itself, or in a closely related facility, other activities of the industrial technology and teacher education programs can be provided for, including:

  • Developing instructional design, production and design of learning materials
  • Viewing tapes and using a variety of other media
  • Holding student and faculty seminar sessions
  • Exhibiting student - teacher - produced projects, instructional materials, etc.

Instruction of a performance-based education requires a flexibility in the use of facilities and  resources that may not be possible when the CT Library is organized as a part of a centralized library.

General Rules
To provide a user - friendly atmosphere at the CT Library, the following sets of rules shall be followed:

  1. The CT Library is available only during official service hours and days.
  2. Bags, attache cases, folders and other personal belongings must be left at the deposit counter.
  3. Observe silence. Talking, chatting, laughing must be avoided.
  4. Eating, smoking, and sleeping are not allowed inside the CT Library.
  5. CT Library files, collections, seats must not be disarranged during and after use.
  6. Waste papers, etc. must be thrown in the garbage receptacle outside the CT Library.
  7. Due to limited space, students from other academic units of the University are scheduled to use the facilities of the CT Library on weekends.

CT Library Service Hours
(Closed every Thursday)
Monday to Wednesday & Friday to Saturday
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 n.n. 
1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Mary Ann Magno
Librarian In-Charge