Science and Technology LRC

The Science and Technology Learning Resource Center (STLRC) is a joint project of the Science Education Institute (SEI-DOST), the Department of Science and Technology Regional Office XI (DOST XI) and the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP). The STLC serves not only the DOST scholars but to the non-scholars as well of the College of Engineering, Institute of Computing and the College of Technology.

Moreover, the SEI-DOST provided ten multimedia workstations intended for DOST scholars to work on presentations, multimedia content, class projects and even coding for software development. However, non-scholars can also avail of the facility but priority will be given to the scholars.

The STLRC is envisioned as a support facility of the University Library in order to provide access of the print and non-print materials to the college concerned.

Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 n.n. 
1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Rules and Regulations

  1. The STLRC service is available to all DOST - scholars and non scholars.
  2. Entry to the STLRC requires valid identification card. The user shall fill-up the log book as provided; user name, course, time-in and time-out.
  3. Payment order slip (POS) is required before payment to the cashier in the following amount.
    a. P 8.00/hr - DOST scholars (non-prepaid internet subscription)
    b. P 10.00/hr - Non DOST scholars
  4. Printing jobs are as follows:
    a. P 25.00 - full page colored printing
    b. P 15.00 - half page colored printing
    c. P 4.00 - black and white printing
  5. CD writing:
    a. P 15.00/CD (CD provided by the user)
  6. All clients are required to deposit things like bag, envelope, attaché case and other enclosed material at depository area.
  7. One (1) client for one (1) computer is allowed. User of computer/s will be on first come first served basis.
  8. Check CD files of the available topic before use. If found, request from the in-charge of the same. New sealed diskette/s brought by the client for copying from the CD selected should well inspected before use, ensure the spread of virus (for safety communications purposes). 
  9. Discipline is strictly imposed within the area. Behavior like shouting, roaming around are strictly prohibited.
  10. No eating and drinking inside the STLRC.
  11. No games, chatting and downloading of files not related to academic work.
  12. Cleanliness should be fully maintained.
  13. Observe city ordinance no. 332 on vandalism to avoid such penalty.
Mary Ann Tumolva
Library In-Charge