College of Arts and Sciences Library

College of Arts and Sciences Library (CAS Library) is a service facility of the College of Arts and Sciences to complement the library services of the University of Southeastern Philippines Learning Resource Center (USeP LRC). It houses hard-bound copies of theses authored by undergraduate and graduate students of CAS and reference books on a variety of subjects. It aims to cater to the academic needs of faculty and students of the college particularly as a venue for acquiring relevant information for research and related scholastic tasks. As such, CAS Library is not a place to meet your friends for conversation or recreation. All users of CAS Library are to observe the rules enumerated below: 

  1. A maximum of fifteen (15) persons can be accommodated at a time inside the CAS Library. More than 15 users, students shall be refused entrance but they can request appropriate schedule from the librarian;
  2. Use of cell phone is not allowed. Cell phones must be put in silent mode. Texting, calling and receiving calls are not permitted;
  3. Playing music or other forms of recorded sounds is forbidden.
  4. Food and drinks must not be brought inside the CAS Library;
  5. Vandalism is punishable by permanent revocation of your right to use the resources in CAS Library.
  6. Photocopying of borrowed materials is not allowed unless there is written permission from the author.

The USeP LRC General Rules are also implemented:

  1. Strictly observe SILENCE at all times. Mobile phones should be set in silent mode.
  2. Eating, smoking and sleeping are not allowed in the library.
  3. Books should be returned to their proper places after use.
  4. Use of the library card: Library card will be issued to freshmen and transferee students for free upon presentation of the Certificate of Registration (COR) and submission of 2 pcs, 1 x 1 recent pictures to be pasted in the library card and borrower’s card. However, the issuance of the library card for the College of Governance and Business (CGB) and School of Applied Economics (SAEc) students are voluntary since only those who will use the library will be charged in the amount of fifty (P50.00) for the library card. This card is non-transferable. The fee for the issuance of another card in case of lost is based on the fees presented in the Rationalized Tuition Fees and Other Fees.
  5. Control Procedures: Attaché case, bags and big envelopes and folders must be left at the baggage counter. Upon leaving the library, every user is required to:

    1. Show of the due slips for every library material that has been borrowed.
    2. Give the due slip at the checking area.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome to improve the management of CAS Library.

CAS Library Service Hours
Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 n.n.
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Rosita G. Vasay
Librarian In-Charge