The University of Southeastern Philippines Learning Resource Center (USeP LRC) aims to be the modern and equipped learning center which provides and delivers authoritative information sources, advance research skills and bridges library users to the global information for intellectual development of the community.

The University of Southeastern Philippines Learning Resource Center (USeP LRC) shall support the curriculum and research, and extension programs by providing a state of the art library spaces and wide array of information sources.


  1. Provide friendly and safe environment for convenient learning.
  2. Provide standard and sophisticated hardware and software technology to handle information storage for automatic retrieval and search techniques and interlibrary connection and long distance linkage of data.
  3. Promote the use of online learning to support academic initiative to undergraduate and advanced studies especially for e-Learning program and research and extension services.
  4. Develop high quality resources to all level along its field of specialization to respond to the needs of the development of personnel.
  5. Develop library resources through electronic resources acquisition.
  6. Develop and manage information technology integration library services for fast and convenient delivery of information.
  7. Collaborate with other institutions through consortium for resource sharing to support the academic programs.
  8. Promote cultural collections to lead information usage for indigenous peoples and encourage them to preserve their collectives for literature access.
  9. Promote extension program through adopt-a-library to promote reading literacy to the adopted community.
  10. Conduct library research activities for possible funding.
  11. Promote program that enhances research skills of the users.



  • To select, acquire, and maintain resource materials in various formats that will support the instructional, research and extension programs of the University.
  • To make library collections more relevant to the needs of the users.
  • Develop multimedia resources needed for instruction and research.
  • Develop annotated bibliographies of the students research output.
  • Strengthen periodical materials needed for the research.


  • To promote understanding of the library research capabilities and to encourage the use of their resources and services.
  • To facilitate in the academic writing activity to enhance and develop writing skills that is useful in the improvement of student’s research output.
  • To optimize bibliographic control of the library collections.
  • To assist users in identifying and locating recorded information.
  • To facilitate access of information to different college libraries. To optimize the use of the existing integrated library system such as:
    • Circulation Control
    • Online Catalog
  • To develop and manage information technology-based related services for fast and easy access and retrieval of library resources.


  • To provide a library building to house the college library resources and special collections.
  • To provide equipment and technology and licensed software applications, this will ensure operational efficiency and improve collection preservation.
  • To establish a state-of–the-art Audio-Visual Room for film viewing purposes.
  • To establish an e-reference section where all technology based access to information and use is situated such as access to CD-ROMs, electronic resources, interactive room, video conferences and the virtual library.


  • To maintain a comprehensive personnel program designed to attract, develop and retain sufficient number of qualified staff capable of meeting the needs of the library users.  
  • Establish a relevant staff development activity for the continuing education of the Librarians and to keep them updated with the latest trends and technologies applicable to the improvement of library services.
  • To hire competent and qualified librarians and IT personnel for the development of library services.
  • To attain the ratio standard set by the CHED for library personnel (CMO# 48).


  • To solicit and secure the financial support from other sources necessary for library development and also expansion of the operations of the library.
  • To administer the library budget and promote optimum use of their financial resources.
  • To increase to 20% of the annual material budget for books and subscription of periodicals and non-print materials.


  • To plan and develop efficient and effective library services.
  • To encourage active communication at all levels throughout academic libraries.
  • To lend the development of constructive relationships with the University administration, academic departments, students and the community in general.
  • To actively participate in the meetings and other important gathering related to the development and improvement of library services.