UPO Creation and Mandate

Republic of the Philippines
University of Southeastern Philippines
University Planning Office
Obrero, Davao City 

The University Planning Office (UPO) was created on October 13, 2009, by virtue of Special Order No. 153 s. 2009, to respond to the growing need to effectively carry out the University‚Äôs development plans, projects and other related concerns, and to monitor their implementation. 

Specifically, the UPO is mandated to perform the following:
  • Set-up the data bank of the University;
  • Coordinate with offices concerned for the generation and processing of pertinent data necessary for decision making;
  • Process relevant data for planning;
  • Coordinate the development of physical resources of the University;
  • Coordinate the evaluation of relevance of academic offerings;
  • Coordinate the conduct of periodic evaluation of existing programs and projects of the University;
  • Come up with new programs and projects for the University in coordination with the VPs and other University officials; and
  • Design and implement strategies for the effective implementation of the University Strategic Plan.