Administrative Functions

Administrative Officer I

  • In-charge of the issuance of office/janitorial/constructional supplies and equipment to different colleges/unit/department in Obrero Campus.
  • Alternate signatory for Acceptance (IAR) of supplies, materials, equipment issued.
  • Does other related works.

Administrative Officer III

  • Unit representative for different meetings of the administration.
  • Authorize signatory for supporting documents. (e.g. IAR, ARE, ICS & RIS)
  • Conducts inventory of supplies and equipment for Obrero Campus.
  • Does other related works.

Administrative Aide VI

  • University canvasser of all purchasing transaction in Obrero Campus.
  • Prepares monthly report of supplies and materials issued in Obrero Campus.
  • Prepares stock card inventory on supplies and materials issued.
  • Prepares year-end inventory report for Obrero Campus per account code (Account Code: 101, 163 & 164).
  • Does other related works.

Administrative Aide III

  • Prepares supporting documents in all billing transactions (Vouchers, IAR, RIS, ARE, & ICS)
  • Prepares voucher for the following payment of bills: DLPC, DCWD, PLDT & Newspaper Billing
  • Prepares sticker for equipment tagging.
  • Does other related works.