USeP RTCTPC - Mandate



The RTCTPC, which is being managed by the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP), will realize the vision for the center to accommodate the varied research, training and production needs of trades and crafts particularly wood and furniture entrepreneurs not only in the Davao area but also in Mindanao and in the ASEAN Region. The growth and development of the wood and furniture industry sector shall be the Center’s primordial aim. Eventually, the center aims to expand to all types of trades such as metal and welding fabrication, agricultural equipment production, farm mechanization, machine fabrication, automation, and robotics using advanced engineering and technological innovations.


The center will strive to promote the economic development of Mindanao by assisting trades and crafts particularly woodwork and furniture business and organizations to continually improve their operations. This will prepare individuals to succeed by helping them develop competitive workforce knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. The center will do this by providing viable training and development opportunities to the citizens of the region. Eventually, RTCTPC shall serve as the catalyst in the establishment of the "Sustainable Human Essential Livelihood Delivery Systems (SHELDS) of Southern Mindanao", which is an advanced research and development program designed to help in the implementation and attainment of this goal.

General Objectives

  • To provide a unique training experience in trade and crafts particularly woodwork and furniture and utilization geared towards the responsibilities and functions of the center.
  • To promote applied research with the goal of contributing the knowledge base and creating research specialists.
  • To contribute to regional cooperation and understanding through professional activities of the technical staff, effective research and special studies and enhance the capability of the trainees.

Specific Objectives

  1. To enhance the skills of USEP students and faculty in civil construction technology, civil engineering, trade and crafts particularly furniture studies.
  2. To establish the Center as a training arm of the University as well as of the wood sector and furniture industry for the development of a critical mass of skilled furniture and wood craftsmen in state-of-the art technology from out-of-school youths and adults and displaced manpower.
  3. To provide a venue for research in wood-related studies and technology-related concerns.
  4. To engage in production of competitive products to generate income for the University and ensure the sustainability and development of the center
  5. To link with the wood industry sector here and abroad for the enhancement of the wood and furniture industry in Mindanao.
  6. To develop local pool of technology experts in trade and crafts particularly woodwork technology.
  7. To set-up a common service facility of trade and crafts in order to develop a pool of workers and to provide a venue for livelihood activities of some of the marginalized sector of the society especially the out-of-school youths.