Message of the Plant Manager

Greetings of peace and harmony!

It is a great honor to serve as Plant Manager in Regional Trades and Crafts Training and Production Center (RTCTPC) of this University, which aims to strengthen the training in trades and craft for the development of the society, as well as to the students. I rendered my service to this company with a great pleasure and dedication to my job. Managing the RTCTPC is not an easy task but I took this responsibilty with open heart and mind knowing that this company is a provider of well furnished woodwork and furniture.

I have a wide perspective that this company will be the leading company in the production of wood furniture. I strongly believe that RTCTPC has a competent workers and well-managed for its fast operation.

From the beginning, I am always optimistic and looking forward for more success of this company.


 (SGD.) Elias C. Piquero 
Plant Manager        

Latest Projects

Teacher's table and chairs of the College of Education

These are also some of the most recent projects realized by the RTCTPC workmen for the College of Education. It has 9 tables and 9 chairs painted in white. The table and chairs are intended to all the instuctors and professors of the college. Aside from the College of Education, these tables and chairs also can be found in the different classroom of the College of Engineering. It is made with the finest and high quality hardwoods. These and other projects that are made by the RTCTPC are used...


Mini bar of the University Evening Program

This mini bar is one of the most recent projects made by the RTCTPC workmen. This can be found at the Hospitality Management classroom. It is made with the finest hardwoods intentionally made for the upcoming students under the UE Program (University Evening). The students will be able to enhance their skills with this mini bar which will always be a part of their journey all through the coming years in their college life.


Baggage Counter of the College of Education Library

This baggage counter is one of the most recent projects installed by the RTCTPC and it can be found at the College of Education Library. It has 18 subdivisions for stuffs like bags and books to all guests and visitors and most especially for the students enrolled from the College. The main idea comes from the faculty and staff of the College of Education.The circular table at the front can be used as a computer table. It is made with its finest and selected hardwood.