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USeP Launches Sustainable Campus Project

A tree planting activity inside the six-hectare campus of the University of Southeastern Philippines, Obrero, Davao City kicked off the launch of the University’s sustainable campus project on February 14. The project is in partnership with the international environmental group Greenpeace.

The launch, highlighted by a forum on energy conservation and efficiency, was participated in by the USeP administrators and employees headed by President Perfecto A. Alibin, and some students led by the Obrero Campus Student Council.
President Alibin said that the program is really essential and timely nowadays. He mentioned the recent calamities that happened in the different parts of the country as well as the flooding in Davao City that did not spare the USeP Obrero campus.
The sustainable campus project is initiated by a committee of faculty and students in the University led by Engr. Angel V. De Vera, Jr. with Engr. Renato Arancon, Ms. Ma. Luisa Faunillan, Engr. Aquileo Estrera, Mr. Vicente Venida, Mr. Teodorico Dela Cruz and student leaders Reynard Amorin, Jeffrey Sauro and Gentherese Capa as members.
The committee chair, Engr. De Vera, said that the partnership of the University and Greenpeace will help address the issue on climate change through environmental protection and energy conservation and efficiency. He added that energy conservation and efficiency is one of the major solutions proposed to combat the dreaded climate change that the world is facing now.

The project bears the slogan “Simple lang”, a public awareness campaign that is aimed to introduce and amplify energy consciousness among the stakeholders of the University. Simple Lang aims to generate awareness on the climate change issue and propose realistic and tangible solutions on the individual level. Simple lang will be the umbrella message in the whole energy conservation and efficiency campaign, followed by specific simple acts that one can do – “Simple lang, unplug!”, “Simple lang, switch off!”and “Simple lang, light up efficiently!”.
“Using the pinoy phrase “simple lang”, we will be able to realize that each of us can do something. It shows how simple acts such as unplugging appliances and switching-off lights and electric fan when they’re not in use are very helpful, especially when done collectively, in stopping the biggest threat we are facing today”, De Vera stressed.

The Administrators led by President Alibin signified their commitment to the program by affixing their signature in the freedom tarp that bears the challenging questions and statement “Do you love our mother earth? What can USeP do? Conserve Energy!”. Many students also affixed their signature in the freedom tarp. (USeP PIO)