about lifelong study center

lsc bannerThe institution of a Lifelong Study Center (LSC) is a policy response to change ad globalization. In the present knowledge-based economy that characterizes the world, it is meant to sustain economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion in this part of the country. Lifelong learning, which is the characteristics of the LSC, is considered not only central to competitiveness and employability; it is also central to social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development.

Lifelong learning encompasses learning for personal, civic and social purposes as well as for employment-related purposes. It takes place in a variety of environments in and outside the formal education and training systems, it implies raising investments in people and knowledge; promoting the acquisition of basic skills, including digital literacy; and broadening opportunities for innovative, more flexible forms of learning. It transforms formal education and training systems in order to break down barriers between different forms of learning. It connotes a shift in our thinking of the fundamental organization unit of education from the SCHOOL to the LEARNER.