The OSS envisions to become an effective channel for the development of leadership that shall enhance the identity and sharpening of talents in the areas of student government, student organization, campus publication, sports and culture.

Along with USEP’s mission, the OSS will provide developmental activities that will enhance the balanced development of the individual and to make him become an effective leader in his chosen career, imbued with nationalism and culture identity.

The OSS shall strive to contribute to the University’s effort in student development. Specially, it aims to achieve all the following:

  • To closely coordinate with the various units of the University for the delivery of quality services in health, guidance, library and other components.
  • To provide effective advising to fraternities, clubs, societies, and other student groupings, to make them effective learning organizations.
  • To enhance proactive strategies in the campaign against illegal drug use, sexual harassment, AIDS and other dreaded disease.
  • To enhance coordination with instructional staff in the conduct ofextra -curricular events for wholesome student development.
  • To initiate innovative approach in the management of accommodation units for the enhancement of effective student development.
  • To provide the studentry with alternative recreation facilities for the enhancement of socio-cultural development.
  • To initiate change for the effective and efficient administration of students scholarships.
  • To provide a systematic storage of student organization documents for future reference.
  • To generate a workable, functional sports development program for the talented students.
  • To promote the University through cultural performances.
  • To provide alternative professional services for the conduct of sports and cultural activities.
  • To promote wholesome communication between USEP officials/faculty/staff and student leaders on the matters affecting them.
  • To bring in external resources for student development via networking with program graduates and NGO’s.
  • To work with barangay and LGU officials for the improvement of board and lodging facilities of students.