Message of the President

             Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”



Facing the Challenge of Change, USeP - Obrero Campus Student Council (OCSC), being the highest student governing body in the University with its primary responsibility to defend and promote the general welfare and rights of the studentry adhering to the principles of participatory democracy, justice, and equality in promoting unity and solidarity in the university aiming to give the best services and amplify the students’ interest in their own field as promulgated in the 2010 OCSC Constitution and By-laws,despite issues and controversies from the past, shall continue its pursuit of good governance through SERVANT LEADERSHIP. USeP – OCSC 2k14, founded on student-centeredness, will serve as an avenue in the protection of the rights and privileges of the students and with the slogan “Making a Stand. Starting the will see to it that quality services shall be extended equally to all students of the University of Southeastern Philippines – Obrero Campus with all transparency and honesty. Bounded by academic challenges, USeP – OCSC will forever stand with USePians in achieving their goals and shall take the opportunity of relaying to the administration of the University the grief of USePians to make changes for the better. 

With all transparency and honesty, the student council will never stop doing the right thing in spite of criticisms by some trying to weaken its desire to serve USePians. But just like the saying “You can never put a good man down.”, no one can ever put a good council down. It is because today’s administration is nothing but the students’ administration.




Hon. Leonieljun D. Aresco

President, Obrero Campus Student Council

Latest News

USeP BSHM studes excel in durian culinary olympics

Students of the University of Southeastern Philippines Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (USeP BSHM) excelled in the different culinary competitions during the Durian Festival of Tagum City held in September.



Charles Darwin University, USeP sign MOU

CDU-USEP Partnership Recognizing the value of scientific and educational collaboration between institutions, two public schools from two different continents entered into a memorandum of understanding.



USEP Celebrates 33rd Founding Anniversary

The University of Southeastern Philippines, the first state university in the Region, commemorated its 33 years of delivering quality education to its students. On December 15, 1978,Batas Pambansa Bilang 12 was passed, thereby, creating the University of Southeastern Philippines. In celebration of USeP’s 33rd founding anniversary, the University set a six-day activity-based program that started on December 12.The opening ceremony featured Engr. Arthur N. Escalante as keynote speaker....