Message of the President

PRESThe goal to extend and spread development by the Staff to the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) can be achieved thru a unified workforce with the desire to succeed and surpass confronted challenges. As such, the Non-Teaching Staff Association (NTSA) came into existence with each member positioning itself in one direction towards promoting unity, cooperation and professional growth.

One of the Non-Teaching Staff Association’s goal is to safeguard, uplift and protect the rights and privileges of each member thru strong initiatives and programs. With the objective to serve as an active catalyst for change towards total development of its members, advocacy reforms and policy direction is being sought.

As an association, we are in a unique stance to serve as a unifying force for workforce development and to make a great system even better. Collectively, we understand what we have in common. From this, we foster a cooperation among the stakeholders of the University en route a journey of achieving the Vision and Mission of the USeP. In the end, it's about establishing a great workforce system even better where every individual in the University can become a part.

(SGD.) Ms. Maria Luisa Faunillan
                                                                                                                  NTSA President