Visiting Research Fellows (thru Post-Doctoral Work)

The Center also provides opportunity for Visiting Research Fellows who are either invited or who wish to apply for professional affiliation. Visiting Research Fellows are those who come from outside Mindanao (i.e., Visayas, Luzon, and the rest of the World).

The program shall allow for a maximum of one year to work in one or related research agenda of the Center.

The principal aim of this program is to allow research scholars to discuss and write up research that is already well advanced. However, prospective fellows shall arrange for their sources of sponsorship.

The Fellows under this program shall be integrated into the existing research program and shall be working with colleagues at the Center and/or the University, when deemed necessary. The Center shall give preference to established researchers of post-doctoral status who wish to come to the Center in order to write up field work or complete analytical work. They usually participate actively in research seminars and may make contribution to teaching in their area of specialization.

The Center may provide resources for the post-doctoral fellows to organize a small low-budget workshop on their research topic towards the end of their stay. The idea is to bring in scholars to discuss the topic on which the Fellow has been working, the papers acting as first draft of an eventual edited collection for subsequent publication in a suitable form by the Center.