Accounting Unit

  • Prepares and consolidates financial reports and supporting schedules.
  • Prepares the financial statements and supporting schedules.
  • Approves Journal Entry Vouchers.
  • Oversees the students’  accounts records.

Budgeting Unit

  • Prepares annual budget proposal.
  • Consolidates the Internal Operating Budget of the university.
  • Prepares budget execution and accountability reports.
  • Signs Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR)s and BURs as to the availability of allotment.
  • Monitors allotment balance.
  • Coordinates to the different colleges and offices regarding the status of their allotment, obligations, and balances.
  • Encodes OBRs/BURs in the Registry of Allotment & Obligations (RAO) system.

Cashiering Unit

  • Prepares and signs cashier’s all report.
  • Signs all checks issued.
  • Prepares daily report of collections.
  • Prepares accountability & cash deposit report.
  • Prepares daily report of collections.