Social Hall

Social Hall Rules and Policies

The Social Hall is the center for social and cultural events of the University of Southeastern Philippines. Thus priority for reservation is given to faculty, staff and students. The primary use of the social hall should allow for maximum availability to USeP AND PRIVATE ORGANIZATION. The Social Hall is not intended to serve as sleeping quarters for employees or their guests.

Hall Condition Inventory

The renter of the Social Hall will be responsible for any damage to the hall. The removal of furniture in the hall is prohibited. The users/renters are expected to cooperate by refraining from leaving litter or garbage in public areas, and by maintaining all public areas in good condition. When faculty, students and staff use the hall they are all responsible for keeping the Social Hall clean.

Damage or Theft:

Any person responsible for damaging the social hall (either accidentally or with intent) is required to report the damage to the management. Students who voluntarily report damage to which they are responsible may not be penalized in any way, though they are responsible to pay for repair costs. Students who fail to report any damage and who are later shown to be responsible for that damage will be subject to disciplinary action.