Message of the Production Manager

PMWelcome to the Corporate Enterprise Development Office (CEDO)  

The University is strategically located in the heart of the City. It envisioned building more infrastructures that can be rented and can be the source of income for the school. Portions of the income can be used in the repair and maintenance of the university facilities.

As of today, these are the following that are frequently used and rented by people who want to avail of our facilities:

  • Social Hall
  • Dormitory
  • Stalls
  • Class Rooms
  • Oval
  • Covered Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Conference Rooms
  • And the latest is the USeP Gymnasium

This office continuously creates and innovate more income generating projects for sustainability and upliftment of this institution.

    (SGD.) Ms. Emma S. Gobantes
         CEDO Production Manager