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New College Alumni Officers

The USEP Alumni Association in coordination with the Office of Alumni and Development recognized the new set of officers for College of Arts and Sciences, College of Governance and Business and Institute of Computing for year 2014 to 2016.

These were the following new sets of officers for the said college alumni association.

CAS Alumni Officers


President :     Apple Rose Calud
Vice President : Paula Robert Restauro
Secretary :    Consuelo Celine Fuentes
Treasurer :  Karen Baguhin
Auditor : Emmanuel Cagayan
Business Manager : Rea Rodesa Sandoval
PIO: Jeconni Joyce Tanggan
   CGB Alumni Officers:
      President:                     Antonio Faunillan, Jr.
      Vice President:            Cyris Pedrosa
      Secretary:                     Daisy Besing
      Treasurer:                     Mylene Caballero
      Auditor:                         Karl Campos  
      Business Manager:    Alona Banzali
      PIO:                               Alne Quinoveba 
I C Alumni Officers:
     President:                     Ser Jamier L. Llego
     Vice President:            Michael Anthony Jandayan          
     Secretary:                     Rhodessa Jurilla-Cascaro
     Treasurer:                    Cariza Joy Ensoy
     Auditor:                         Rhea Mae Beron 
     Business Manager:    Lee Van bernio
     PIO:                               Paul Polido