Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the School of Applied Economics office located?

The School of Applied Economics office resides at the 2nd floor of the Engineering Building, University of Southeastern Philippines, IƱigo St., B.O. Obrero, Davao City, Philippines.

What are the academic programs, in both undergraduate and graduate programs, offered by the School of Applied Economics?

The School of Applied Economics offers one degree course for undergraduate, which is Bachelor of Science in Economics; two Graduate diplomas for postgraduate, which are Graduate Diploma in Economics and Graduate Diploma in Econometrics; and two courses for graduate, which are Master of Science in Economics and Master of Science in Econometrics.

Can School of Applied Economics provide quality education for the students to become competent in the world of works?

School of Applied Economics can absolutely provide quality education for the students. One of the main reason why SAEc can provide high quality education is because of the great faculty lineup administrating the whole college. Also, school of Applied Economics had enough facilities that can accomodate the necessity of the students.