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Master of Science in Econometrics

The School of Applied Economics (SAEc) also offers master of science (MS) degrees that are designed to provide advance training in a number of areas within the field of economics. the master of science program of SAEc equips graduates who desire to master the art of theoretical and applied economics. The following master of science programs includes:

  • Master of Science in Econometrics

This programs are designed to develop knowledge and skills for a thorough understanding of the economic, social and potential environments for people managing communities and companies. It also seeks to develop fundamental and complex concepts and skills in the application of analytic techniques necessary for decision making or problem solving.

USeP-PDF-IconMaster of Science in Econometrics

The prospectus of Master of Science in Econometrics includes 12 units of foundation of both macro and micro economic theories and other foundational analysis theories. it also includes 21 units of specialist stream or major in econometric thoeries and application with another three units

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