USeP SAEc - Mandate



The School of Applied Economics (SAEc) will assert, maintain and enhance its leadership role in areas of instruction and research, especially in the field of economics. This role is coupled with a responsibility to a better understanding by faculty, students and the broader community of future generations. The School will be recognized for the quality of its intellectual endeavors and the means by which it undertakes its instruction, research and administrative functions.


The School of Applied Economics is committed to:

  • Educate and train students, particularly in the feild of economics
  • To develop intellectual skills and knowledge in economics, at the same time embracing a responsibility for the future
  • To expand knowledge in economics through research
  • And to foster and promote principles of equity, both at present and for future generations.


  1. SAEc offers degrees in Economics, Agricultural Economics, and Econometrics.
  2. It provides training in quantitative methods in the feild of Economics, for all levels.
  3. It undertakes researches which will be disseminated at seminars and conferences with the aim of publication in referred journals of high standing.
  4. It takes care of supervision/advisory of graduate and undergraduate research, both for its own students and jointly with other departments or schools in the university.
  5. It provides enhancement of the quantitative research undertaken by graduate and undergraduate students, as well as the faculty and staff within SAEc. For graduate students, this role involves joints research and provision of short courses.
  6. It provides professional service to the community through seminars, short courses and the like. It provides technical assistance and other expert services to regional and local government agencies.
  7. It aims to develop high-quality instructional and other learning materials in Economics, Econometrics, and Agricultural Economics.
  8. It aims to design and implement the Distance Education Program for its graduate course offerings.