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saec logoAs the country enters into the global market, the demand for graduates with strong economics and quantitative techniques background is expected to rise. This is because contemporary national and international relations all have underlying economic implications. Individuals, companies and government agencies are all interested in the art of  "good housekeeping" because the knowledge of economics help them deal with the problems they face. the current economic crisis in Asia and the current debate on worldwide recession highlight the need to train more professionals with knowledge and competence in economics. Economics provides the tools and skills with which to deal with these issues. The need for these specialized skills will become more apparent with Mindanao  emerging as an industrial hub of the Philippines.

The School of Applied Economics (SAEc) is designed to create career opportunities in research, agriculture, consulting, banking, manufacturing, education and the public sector. The programs offer excellent opportunities for inter-disciplinary approach to providing a well-balanced economic education program emphasizing rigorous study, critical thinking, independence, problem solving, creativity, and flexibility for qualified students in the region. The School is envisaged to be multi-professional, offering a wide range of highly specialized undergraduate and graduate options. Courses offered in the undergraduate level are: Bachelor of Science in Economics and Bachelor in Science in Agricultural Economics.

The degrees offered in the Graduate level will be suitable for those who wish to occupy managerial or administrative positions in either the public or private sectors. These include: Graduate Diploma in Economics, Graduate Diploma in Econometrics, Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics, Master of Science in Economics and Master of Science in Econometrics. These programs are designed to develop knowledge and skills for a thorough understanding of the economic, social and political environments for people managing communities and companies. It also seeks to develop fundamental concepts and skills in the application of analytical techniques necessary for decision making or problem solving.

The Proposal to establish the School and Applied Economics (SAEc) was approved as per Resolution Number 2782 Series of 1999 with Dr. Tim J. Coelli, a senior lecturer of University of New England, Australia as guest speaker.