Message of the dean

Cruz, Agustina AWelcome to the School of Applied Economics (SAEc) website. For a background, SAEc was established per Board Resolution No. 2782, Series of 1999 during the 85th meeting of the Board of Regents at the Durian Hotel in Davao City. The Board approved the offering of the following degree programs commencing the First Semester of 1999-2000:

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics
  • Graduate Diploma in Economics
  • Graduate Diploma in Econometrics
  • Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics
  • Master of Science in Economics
  • Master of Science in Econometrics               

Economic challenges facing the world in general, and the Philippines in particular have been immense the past two decades or so. The socio-economic problems of our country have tremendously increased, as manifested in the declining standard of living, high unemployment rate, huge external debt, and rising absolute/relative poverty, despite the poverty alleviation programs of the government. The growing consensus is that national, and local economies have lost their capacity to sustain the growing population and generate sustainable economic development. Hence, there is a need to train more professionals with knowledge and competence in economics. Economics provides the tools and skills with which to deal with the aforementioned challenges. The need for specialized skills at SAEc will become more apparent with Mindanao emerging as an industrial hub of the Philippines.

Courses at SAEc are designed to create career opportunities in research, agriculture, consulting, banking, manufacturing, education, the public sector and the academe. The Bachelor of Science in Economics program at the undergraduate level offers excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary study. It also provides greater flexibility for students to have a range of career paths in the fields of economics, management, business, statistics, and other allied areas. 

SAEc is one of the few colleges offering BS in Economics in the country (the others are UP Diliman and Visayas State U in Leyte). A couple offer AB Economics (Bukidnon State U, Liceo de Cagayan, Father Urios U, Ateneo de Davao U, Holy Cross of Davao, Misamis U, Universidad de Zamboanga). Still other universities offer BSBA with Business Economics as major (CGB at USeP, UM, Holy Cross of Davao). 

The degrees offered in the Graduate School are suitable for those who wish to occupy managerial or administrative positions in either the public or private sector. We are proud to claim that SAEc is the sole supplier of graduate studies in econometrics in the Philippines. As for economics, only a handful of universities offer MS in Economics (SAEc, UP Diliman, and UM Davao City). Other schools offer the MA program (Xavier U, Holy Cross of Davao), but not MS. 

SAEc can boast to be one of the best in Mindanao, and to be highly recognized nationally in the fields of microeconomic and macroeconomic theories, econometrics, economic development, international economics, project evaluation, regional planning and impact assessment. Even at a relatively young age, SAEc was able to establish reputation and recognition in the field of research, not only at the regional, but also at the national level. Both faculty members and alumni/students have presented most of their research outputs in various scientific fora in the local, regional and national levels. These researches were favorably reviewed and recognized by the scientific and academic communities of the Philippines. A few (around 15) garnered awards. 

SAEc has conducted around 9 institutionally-funded (externally) projects as of 2012. Some of those external funding bodies are: DA-BAR, PCARRD, World Food Programme. It has been acknowledged that SAEc is the emerging leader in economics and econometrics in Mindanao, and it cannot be denied that this recognition was acquired mainly because of SAEc’s strong faculty and staff force. 

If you want to know more about SAEc, you are most welcome to inquire at Room 2-06, Engineering Building of USeP. The contact points are:  

Gianell Bendijo/Katherine Atamosa
Telefax: (082) 227-8857 local 231

(SGD.) Agustina Tan-Cruz, Ph. D.
 College Dean                 



SAEc Produced more than 50 graduates last April 2012

School of Applied Economics celebrated the 33rd Commencement Excercise for gradutes together with all the other colleges and departments of the University last April 12, 2012 at the newly built University of Southeastern Philippines Gymnasium. Dr. Agustina Tan-Cruz gladly proclaim and congratulate the graduating students for coming this far.