Diploma of Technology (DT)

DT Program

The Diploma of Technology is a three-year program designed to prepare individuals for middle level technical positions in industry that will provide liaison, linkages and coordination between the engineers and the craftsmen and skilled workers in the workshop. It is also geared to the production of graduates to increase capabilities for entrepreneurial endeavors or self-employment. It offers the following major areas:

  1. Automotive Technology. This deals with the study of all gasoline and diesel engine-run conveyors, the fundamental concepts behind their operation, the procedures and techniques of handling all involved components and application of these acquired skills and knowledged in the field of transportation, farm and earthmoving operations.
  2. Electrical Technology. This provides the students training and power generation, transmission and distribution, control and power utilization with emphasis or integration of principles and application of the method analysis of electrical processes and equipment.
  3. Electronics Technology. This covers the study of principles and application of electronics devices such as radio, television set, stereo, computer two-way radio, radar systems, and mini-detector control devices.
  4. Mechanical Technology. This equips the students with principles of modern machinery and activities involved in the manufacture of metals into finished products.
  5. Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Technology. This is the study of principles of domestic, commercial, and industry cooling systems including package-type refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, and air-conditioning.

Diploma of Technology (DT) – three (3) years (day & evening classes)


Major in:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Electrical Technology
  • Electronics Technology
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology

Nature of work: May work as Technician, Foreman, Supervisor and Entrepreneur in various industries locally or abroad.

The DT graduates can:

  1. Apply entrepreneurial and managerial knowledge and skills to meet the emerging needs of business and industry.
  2. Accelerate industrial production activities in collaboration with local government units and non- government organizations.
  3. Participate in the conduct of research and development for improvement of products and processes.
  4. Practice desirable values and efficiency in the world of work for good customer service.

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