Bachelor in Computer Technology (BCT)

BCT Program

The Bachelor in Computer Technology is a program that envisions to provide career opportunities related to computer-aided applications particularly in the field of designing, manufacturing, interfacing, programming, data base information, and computer repair and maintenance. It is geared towards developing broad technical skills and technological knowledge to aid students in analysing related problems and determine appropriate solutions through computer technology applications. The program also aims to enhance technology skills of industrial and middle- level technicians, incorporating manufacturing skills with computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) to produce technologist who can operate and program, computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) system, producing avenues for individuals to keep track with technology’s impact on society and developing an individual’s positive work ethics, professional moral and other traits derived of technician and professionals.

The graduates will serve business and industry to perform various functions among which are: installation and commissioning computer machines, programming systems, program design development, and digital circuit designing and macro-computer maintenance and troubleshooting.

The Bachelor in Computer Technology is the most populous course in the College of Technology because it caters to the day and evening programs. Over the years, this has excelled in diverse fields, both academic and non-academic aspects. In the extra-curricular activities, the BCT program, presented by the Association of Computer Technology Students (ACTS), and the College of Technology Evening Students Association (CTESA), has remained active.

Last August 1, 2008, the Accrediting Agency Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) awarded the Level II Re-Accredited Status of the program Computer Technology.

Bachelor in Computer Technology (BCT) – day & evening classes

(TESDA-registered Computer Hardware SErvicing (NCII) and accredited Level II by AACCUP)

Nature of work: May work as Encoder, Technician, Programmer, Entrepreneur, and Supervisor in various IT industries locally or abroad.

The BCT graduates can:

  1. Apply ICT knowledge and skills to meet the demands of business and industry.
  2. Work effectively with positive work ethics in a team environment for good customer service skills.
  3. Adapt technological changes through continuous personal, career and professional development.
  4. Enhance good relationship with other institutions and agencies to promote linkages in terms of IT advancements.
  5. Innovate products and processes through research and development.

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