Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education (BTTE)

BTTE Program

BTTE program is designated to produce graduates equipped with technical teaching, competences for positions in secondary and post-secondary schools and training centers and the component of the new Basic Education Curriculum (BEC).

It primarily sets its goals to be accomplished every year to produce competitive graduates equipped with both technical and teaching competences, to provide learning facilities and tools to meet current and emerging needs, to conduct action research geared to improving instruction, and provide upgraded learning resources to meet the students emerging needs in a rapidly changing educational environment. In addition, it introduces community development programs, provides students appropriate student services that will help develop their potentials of studentry, provides for students with special needs to meet their aspirations, and promotes linkages with identified institutions and agencies. The BTTE program has made development plans. The expected outputs are to produce graduates of the technology programs and revise the BTTE curriculum focusing on the content delivery system and instructional modes. There will be competency learning guides and activity packages which includes student competency profile, training standard, ladderized program, and ETEEAP.

Furthermore, BTTE is divided into two categories:general stream (BTTE-GS) and specialized stream (BTTE-SS). The BTTE-GS students have different major areas like electronics, electrical, mechanical, automotive, refrigeration and air-conditioning, while the BTTE-SS students have to learn on area of specialization as their major subject. The BTTE’s are not behind in terms of accomplishments in the College of Technology. Both the BTTE-GS and BTTE-SS really excellednot just academically but also in socio-civic activities. They had donated books at the College of Technology- Learning Resources Center (CT-LRC) conducted organizational clean-up and outreach programs in some barangays in the city.

Last August 1, 2008, the Accrediting Agency Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) awarded the Level II Re-Accredited Status of the program Technology Education. August of 2006, the College of Technology was recognized and granted authority by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to offer the following programs:

Machining (NC II Machining), Automotive Servicing (NC II Automotive Service Technician), Consumer Electronics Servicing (NC II Computer Electronics Assembler), Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Installer (NC II Package-Type Air-conditioning Installer), Building Wiring Installation (NC II Building Wiring Electrician), Welding (NC II SMAW Welder).

In 2008, Resolution No. 3816S.2008, resolved that the proposed enrichment of the College of Technology on the ladderized Bachelor of Technology Teacher Education (BTTE) major in automotive, electrical, electronics, mechanical, ref. and air-conditioning, and computer technology based on Commission on Higher Education memorandum order (CMO) 56 S. 2007, effective first semester SY 2008-2009 was approved.

BTTE Objectives

The Bachelor of Technology Education graduates can:

  1. Apply technical teaching competencies in a globally competitive world.
  2. Facilitate learning opportunities to meet current and emerging educational needs.
  3. Apply research methodologies for the improvement of instruction.
  4. Exhibit innovativeness and versatility in an ever-changing educational environment.
  5. Lead in the implementation of community development program and linkages.
  6. Demonstrate and practice the professional and ethical requirements of the teaching profession.

Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education (BTTE)

(TESDA-registered and accredited Level II by AACCUP)

Major in:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Electrical Technology
  • Electronics Technology
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Heating, Ventilating Air-conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) Technology
  • Civil Construction Technology
  • Computer Technology

Nature of work: May teach in Elementary, Secondary, Technical, College, TESDA, and other training institutions locally or abroad and as Entrepreneur.

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