Bachelor of Industrial Technology (BIT)

BIT Program

The Bachelor of Industrial Technology (BIT) is a program that includes both management and technology subjects. The technology subject includes study of technology principles as they are applied in variety of task-servicing, troubleshooting, rebuilding component items, and the like. This is a ladderized program, the first two years and the technology component in the third year being the same with Diploma of Technology.

The graduates produced from this program are equipped with technological, entrepreneurial, and management skills.The program also facilities in shaping students to become a citizen worker. In order to attain this, BIT program focuses on the following objectives:

  1. Continue to provide pre-service technology programs that prepare new technicians and technologies to meet demands of specific job placements in their area of specialization.
  2. Plan strategies in the development and implementation of program improvement activities focused on revitalization of pre-service curriculum and instruction in preparatory programs of higher technicians.
  3. Expand cooperation and formal linkages with business, industry, government and labor to provide maximum use of resources and to ensure responsiveness to programmatic and individual needs in technician education and training.
  4. Engage in technical research and development in the diffusion of package information for the improvement of the community.
  5. Continue to be an advocate in providing access and equity for all citizens who can benefit from technician education and training.

During the accreditation, the above mentioned objectives were reviewed by the accreditors from Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP). Last August 1, 2008, AACCUP awarded Level II Re-Accredited Status on the Industrial Technology program.

Also, August of 2006, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority granted authority to offer the following programs: Machining (NC II Machining), Automotive Servicing (NC II Automotive Service Technician), Consumer Electronics Servicing (NC II Computer Electronics Assembler), Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Installer (NC II Package-Type Air-conditioning Installer), Building Wiring Installation (NC II Building Wiring Electrician), Welding (NC II SMAW Welder).

BIT Objectives

  1. Apply ICT knowledge and skills to meet the demands of business and industry.
  2. Work effectively with positive work ethics in a team environment for good customer service.
  3. Adopt technological change through continuous personal, career and professional development.
  4. Enhance good relationship with their institutions and agencies to promote linkages in terms of IT advancements.
  5. Innovate products and processes through research and development.

Bachelor of Industrial Technology (BIT)

(TESDA-registered and accredited Level II by AACCUP)

Major in:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Electrical Technology
  • Electronics Technology
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technology
  • Civil Construction Technology

Nature of work: May work as Higher Level Technician, Foreman, Supervisor, Technologist, Manager, and Entrepreneur in various industries locally or abroad.

The BIT graduates can:

  1. Apply entrepreneurial and managerial knowledge and skills to meet the emerging needs of business and industry.
  2. Accelerate industrial production activities in collaboration with local government units and non- government organizations.
  3. Participate in the conduct of research and development for improvement of products and processes.
  4. Practice desirable values and efficiency in the world of work for good customer service

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