Mandate (English)



By becoming a premier university in the ASEAN Region, the USEP shall be a center of excellence and development, responsive and adaptive to fast-changing environments, USEP shall also be known as the leading university in the country that fosters innovation and applies knowledge to create value towards social, economic, and technological developments.


USEP shall produce world-class graduates and relevant research and extension through quality education and sustainable resource management.

Particularly, we are committed to:

  • Provide quality education for students to grow in knowledge, promote their well-rounded development, and make them globally competitive in the world of work;
  • Engage in high impact research, not only for knowledge’s sake, but also for its practical benefits to society; and
  • Promote entrepreneurship and industry collaboration.


  • To produce technician graduates with marketable skills and potentials for growth to address the manpower needs of business and industry.
  • To produce occupationally and professionally prepared teachers and specialists in vocational technical education.
  • To engage in production activities that will enhance the development of knowledge, skills and capabilities for entrepreneurial endeavors or self-employment among graduates.
  • To provide professional services to industries, technical and vocational schools, professional organizations and other agencies, in upgrading and developing existing technical and supervisory manpower.
  • To integrate research and extension programs in collaboration with other institutions primarily for the development in the region.


The BTTE graduates can:

  1. Apply technical teaching competencies in a globally competitive world.
  2. Facilitate learning opportunities to meet current and emerging educational needs.
  3. Apply research methodologies for the improvement of instruction.
  4. Exhibit innovativeness and versatility in an ever-changing educational environment.
  5. Lead in the implementation of community development programs and linkages.
  6. Demonstrate and practice the professional and ethical requirements of the teaching profession.


The BCT graduates can:

  1. Apply ICT knowledge and skills to meet the demands of business and industry.
  2. Work effectively with positive work ethics in a team environment for good customer service.
  3. Adapt technological changes through continuous personal, career and professional development.
  4. Enhance good relationship with other institutions and agencies to promote linkages in terms of IT advancements.
  5. Innovate products and processes through research and development.


The BIT graduates can:

  1. Apply entrepreneurial and managerial knowledge and skills to meet the emerging needs of business and industry.
  2. Accelerate industrial production activities in collaboration with local government units and non-government organizations.
  3. Participate in the conduct of research and development for the improvement of products and processes.
  4. Practice desirable values and efficiency in the world of work for good customer service.