Research, Development & Extension


 The Research, Development, and Extension Center (RDEC) envisions of becoming a center of information and technology, technology and dissemination, adoption and commercialization.



The RDEC is committed to undertake the following:

  • Formulate RDE policies, resources generation. Overall direction and administration of the RDE programs of the University.
  • Conduct need-driven / market-driven researches.
  • Provide training and continuing education and
  • Community outreach programs
  • Establish linkages, networking and collaboration with other research institutions with equity.


The RDEC of the University aims that five years from now, it shal have effectively and efficiency vigorous, relevant and responsive research and extension programs that shall have been adopted and the people to enhance / improve their lives.


Agribusiness/Agri-Economics Program

  1. Supply Chain of High-Value Crops
  2. Climate change adaption vis-à-vis agriculture
  3. Food processing & food safety
  4. Rural tourism industry
  5. Policy analysis/Agricultural industry analysis
  6. Agricultural production

Community Development Program

  1. Sustainable Development
  2. Program/Project Evaluation
  3. Human and Social Capital Resource Management
  4. Labor and Migration
  5. Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Praticum
  6. Peace and Development

Public Administration Program

  1. Good Governance
  2. Electoral Reform
  3. Interest Aggregation
  4. Leadership and Mangement
  5. Work Ethics
  6. Local Governance and Resource Management
  7. Peace Development
  8. Labor and Migration

General Education Department

  1. Education
  2. Environmental conservation and protection

Pamulaan Center

  1. Socio-cultural mapping
  2. Cultural heritage studies
  3. IP networking
  4. Developmental aggression cause and effectiveness
  5. Ancestral domain studies
  6. IP human rights protection
  7. Access to socio-economic-political services