Master of Public Administration major in Fiscal Administration

Specialization: Fiscal Administration (12 units)

Course No. & Title

Course Description

PA 232

Government Accounting

3 units

Fund accounting of government units, budgeting, tax levels, appropriations and accounting for revenues and expenditures.

(Prerequisite: PA 231)

PA 233

Government Budgeting

3 units

Development of modern budget systems with emphasis on processes and problems of budget formulation and implementation.

(Prerequisite: PA 231)

PA 234

Government Auditing and Financial Control

3 units

Principles, processes and practices of government auditing and financial control.

(Prerequisite: PA 231)

PA 236

Revenue and Treasury Management

Principles, processes and practices in public enterprises financial management.

(Prerequisite: PA 231)

PA 237

Financial Management in Public Enterprises

3 units

Problems, processes and practices in public enterprise financial management.

(Prerequisite: None)

PA 250

Seminar in Governmental Management

3 units

An integrative course which covers an analysis of local and national policies, governance problems and issues: their effects, impact and implications to organization and management, fiscal management and program administration, service delivery, socio-economic development and sustainability.

(Prerequisite: All Core Courses)

Master of Public Administration major in Fiscal Administration Prospectus

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