Master of Public Organization major in Organization Studies

Specialization: Organization Studies (12 units)

Course No. & Title
Course Description

PA 214

Human Resource Development and Administration

3 units

Examines the major concepts, theories and procedures needed for effective management of human resources in the public sector with special emphasis on the government’s manpower development policies and plans. Includes merit and civil service systems, recruitment, classification, performance appraisal, disciplinary and grievance procedures, and training and staff development.

PA 215

Managerial Leadership and Advocacy

3 units

What managers must know and do to provide leadership and guidance of complex organizations. An exploration of factors and processes that condition effective and managerial leadership.

(Prerequisite: PA 202)

PA 218

Organizational Change in a Community and

Global Context

3 units

Examines changing organizations in their task environment which include communities and the global economy. Investigates processes and methodologies of organizational diagnosis, intervention strategies, institutional linkages and the role of a change agent.

(Prerequisite: PA 202)

PA 244

Strategic Planning for Public Action

3 units

Processes and techniques in organizational planning; planning processes as it is utilized in contemporary urban planning and settings. Case studies and group workshops simulate actual planning scenarios.

PA 250

Seminar in Governmental Management

3 units

An integrative course which covers an analysis of local and national policies, governance problems and issues: their effects, impact and implications to organization and management, fiscal management and program administration, service delivery, socio-economic development and sustainability.

(Prerequisite: All Core Courses)


Master of Public Administration major in Organizational Studies Prospectus
(Revised 2009)

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