Agribusiness Management

Agribusiness Management


BA 243

Agricultural Product Processing

3 units

Preservation and processing of various agricultural and aquatic products, its technology sourcing and adoption. Management of its production process, storage and transfer with the use of total quality management techniques.

(Pre-requisite: All core courses)

BA 247 Agribusiness System and Management

3 units

Types, nature and peculiarities of agricultural and aquatic products, their systematic flow from production/extraction to consumption, intermediate “value added” processes, logistics and marketing, analysis of opportunities. Development of business concepts and strategies for agribusiness ventures. Includes principles underlying management and their application on agricultural business analysis of actual agribusiness management problems and situations.

( Pre-requisite: All core courses, BA 243 and 248)

BA 248

Seminar on Business Issues & Trends

3 units

Deals with pressing issues and emerging trends in the business world. (Pre-requisite: All core courses)

BA 297

Development of Business Enterprise

3 units

Strategic planning for existing business. Problems and issues on survival, growth and expansions. Covers business policy and strategic management. Includes preparation of strategic plan to sustain competitive advantage in a global economy.

(Pre-requisite: All core courses, BA 243, 247 & 248)

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