Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development


BA 234

Management of SMEs

3 units

Peculiarities and potentials of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) in the Philippines, their operation, marketing, financing and administrative problems and methods. Strategies for survival and growth. Accounting and control for SMEs.

(Pre-requisite: All core courses).

BA 237

Business Venture Management

3 units

Perspectives on entrepreneurship and the entrepreneur, identification and analysis of business opportunities. Developing the business concept and preparation of the business organizations, assessing and acquiring the necessary resources and technology. Includes preparation of business plan.

(Pre-requisite: All core courses, BA 234 and 238)

BA 238

Seminar on Business Issues and Trends

3 units

Deals with pressing issues and emerging trends in the business world.

(Pre-requisite: All core courses)

BA 296

Development of Business Enterprise

3 units

Strategic planning for existing business. Problems and issues on survival, growth and expansions. Covers business policy and strategic management. Includes preparation of strategic plan to sustain competitive advantage in a global economy.

(Pre-requisite: BA 234, 237 & 238)

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