Corporate Management

Corporate Management


BA 225

Corporate Finance and Controllership

3 units

Budgeting and the budgetary process, corporate financial evaluation and financial strategies for business organization; internal control, risk management and corporate governance; system analysis and design of management control system.

(Pre-requisite: All core courses )

BA 228

Competitive Strategies in a Global Economy

3 units

Industry analyses, competitive strategy concepts and developing/sustaining competitive advantage in global environment. Includes preparation for strategic plan for business organization.

(Pre-requisite: All core courses, BA 225 and 229)

BA 229

Seminar on Business Issues & Trends

BA 227 - International Finance

3 units

Deals with pressing issues and emerging trends in the business world.

(Pre-requisite: All core courses)

BA 295

Business Policy & Strategic Management

3 units

Functions and responsibilities of top management and the crucial problems that affect the success of a business and decisions that determine the overall direction of the whole business organization. Specifying the organization’s objectives, developing policies and plans to achieve the objectives, and allocating resources to implement the plans. Includes advances, trends, and best practices in strategic management.

(Pre-requisite: BA 225, 228 & 229)

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