Vision, Mission, & Goals



A Premier University in the ASEAN Region.

By becoming a premier university in the ASEAN Region, the USEP shall be a center of excellence and development, responsive and adaptive to fast changing environments. USEP shall also be known as be known as the leading university in the country that fosters innovation and applies knowledge to create value towards social, economic, and technological developments.


USEP shall produce world class graduates and relevant research and extension through quality education and sustainable resource management.

Particularly, USEP is committed to:

  • Provide quality education for students to grow in knowledge, promote their well rounded development, and make them globally competitive in the world of work;
  • Engage in high impact research, not only for knowledge’s sake but also for its practical benefits in society; and
  • Promote entrepreneurship and industry collaboration.


  1. To deliver responsible programs in governance, business and economics;
  2. To create an administrative structure and system that ensures efficient operations;
  3. To develop and improve the competencies of the faculty and staff through continuing professional education;
  4. To develop relevant researches in the fields of development administration, governance, business and economics;
  5. To collaborate with industry and various communities for linkages and extension programs implementation;
  6. To produce development agents, public administrators, economists and business entrepreneurs equipped with technical, and leadership skills, social responsibility and healthy competitive spirit.