College Profile

School of Government and Management (SGM)

The School of Government and Management (SGM) was created by virtue of BOR Resolution No. 2552, series of 1994. This was prompted by the devolution of the other graduate programs to their mother colleges, thus creating a need for an appropriate college or school for the remaining graduate programs in Public Administration snide Business Administration.


SGM aims to create a new generation of political leaders, business and industrial leaders, development administrator, individuals, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are a) analytically skilled; b) equipped with managerial competence; c) reposed with leadership skills and multidisciplinary perspectives that makes them sensitive to ethical and social considerations in solving complex problems that confront the Philippine society today.

To attain the mission, the School aims to shape framework that will bring about innovative and effective public- private sector cooperation and working partnerships in the planning, administration, control and sustenance of public and private enterprises in the context of development. SGM shall provide the necessary expertise to respond to the career needs of administrators, planners as well as program implementors of government, business/industry and private sectors.

Likewise, SGM shall enlist the energies of leaders from all sectors of society, especially the holders of power both public and private, in the search for solutions to prevailing problems and issues such as poverty and environmental degradation among others.


The School intends to assist local government units, business organization industries, non-governmental organizations and people’s organizations in enhancing their functional capabilities by providing students with diverse intellectual backgrounds and career with the opportunity to acquire the mix of advance skills and perspectives useful to them in dealing with problem of multi-disciplinary nature at the highest level of responsibility. The School shall serve as a laboratory for political careers, entrepreneurial development and management. SGM shall undertake extensive curricular development and experimentation with teaching methods which provide students with opportunities to work simultaneously with clients and faculty in analyzing current development issues and problems.

The School also endeavors to infuse its curricular offerings, instruction and extension projects and activities with research with the end view that eventually- the School shall consists of different research institutes which will provide opportunities for students and faculty to undertake frequent large-scale investigations on an interdisciplinary basis on such broad policy areas of concern ranging from economics, politics, business and industry, international affairs, science and technology, local and regional governance, non-governmental/people’s organization, transportation, housing, law enforcement, employment, civic governance, human services, rural and urban development, peace and development, and other areas of interest to government and business management intersections ranging from local to systematic and international such as public sector privatization and restructure; capital formation (both financial and human); and other overriding concerns of local, regional, national and global competitiveness.

College of Governance, Business and Economics (CGBE)

It is a product of the merger of three (3) academic units of the university (BOR Resolution No. 3619-13, s.2006), namely the School of Government and Management, and the School of Applied Economics at the Obrero Campus and the College of Development and Management at the Mintal Campus.

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