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Welcome to the Teacher Resource Web Portal!
by Pres. Perfecto Alibin - Thursday, 21 February 2013, 11:39 PM

Dr. Perfecto AlibinI would like to welcome everyone to the Teacher Resource Web Portal!

This resource portal was developed by the  University’s College of Education and Institute of Computing in partnership with the Commission on Higher Education which provided funds for this project.Being the Center of Excellence for Teacher Education and being the only one among state universities and colleges in Mindanao, the University’s College of Education was tapped by CHED to develop and administer the web portal designed for teacher education institutions in the country.

Through this portal, one can get access for free to online teacher resources and assessment instruments for licensure examination for teachers. Specifically, the teacher resource web portal was developed for the following purposes: to share teaching and learning resources through the web portal; to provide online access to review materials for licensure examination for teachers; and to provide an arena for sharing teaching and delivery systems and other learning innovations. This functional web portal for online sharing of resources and collaboration is housed in a computer hub in the University’s College of Education.

With the Teacher Resource Web Portal in the University, I am certain that USeP can sustain its name in the educational map by being an instrument to the development of teacher education institutions in Mindanao.

Dr. Perfecto Alibin (SGD)

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