The Mechanical Engineering Department of the College of Engineering envisions itself to be a modern and advanced unit of the University of Southeastern Philippines at the cutting edge of academic excellence and at the forefront of research and development in Mechanical Engineering using relevant mechanization, automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, computers and other techniques and technologies which provides harmonious and conducive atmosphere for faculty and students, to develop and attain their potentials, and an active participant in the promotion of the well-being and welfare of the community and society.


The Mechanical Engineering Department firmly believes in the importance of providing competent and trainable manpower in the region in the area of manufacturing, production, design and related mechanical engineering works, programs and projects for the improvement of the people's quality of life. Thus, the department shall provide access to quality instruction and training to deserving and qualified individuals primarily from low income families and equip them with the necessary competencies in their specialized field of mechanical engineering.


Specifically, the Mechanical Engineering Department has the following objectives:

  • Stress the need for unified pursuit in attaining an improved and updated Mechanical Engineering instruction and training in Southern Mindanao using the most modern and advanced automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and related mechanical engineering science and technologies;
  • Provide an opportunity for Mechanical Engineering faculty to reinforce their technical and class management abilities through the acquisition of additional knowledge related to the profession;
  • Stress the need for self-reliance, self-sufficiency, self-employment, and community resources mobilization in the planning and implementation of community programs and projects which would use mechanical engineering sciences and applications;
  • Expand the Mechanical Engineering program of instructions to include masteral and doctoral graduate studies which would embody topics on mechanization, photonics, artificial intelligence, instrumentation and the like to adjust to the growing needs of the next millennium;
  • Conduct mechanical engineering and related research and development activities in coordination with concerned industrial and commercial companies;
  • Continue the extension programs and projects which comprise trainings and seminars to interested parties; and
  • Design, manufacture and fabricate automation and robotic parts, equipment, machinery and processes in coordination with concerned industrial and commercial firms.

BSME Prospectus 
A PDF file for the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering prospectus.

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