The USeP College of Engineering, Electronics Engineering (EcE) Department believes the importance of providing the country, Region XI in particular, of highly competent human resources in the chosen field.

At the outset of the country's technological advancement, it is the department's commitment to supply the increasing demand of skilled manpower in the field of EcE by providing excellent instruction, state of the art facilities and adequate knowledge to qualified individuals primarily from low-income groups. It is with this commitment that the department recognizes itself as the catalyst in building key players for the advancement of the country's technology.


The College of Engineering EcE Department aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide excellent instruction necessary for the students to understand the impact of Electronics Engineering in a global and national perspective.
  • To produce quality graduates that are not only globally competent but also with deep sense of professionalism for them to become effective engineers in the workplace; and
  • To expand linkages with various industries, LGUs, NGOs, and other institutions for purposes of enhancing research collaboration and faculty and student reinforcement programs.


BSEcE Prospectus 
A PDF file for the Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering prospectus.

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