Master of Science in Biology

Since 1995, the Department of Biology has been contemplating on offering a masters degree in Biology to provide its student a set of career development paths to fully enhance their knowledge and skills in biological sciences.

The University of Southeaster Philippines College of Arts and Sciences has offered Bachelor of Science in Biology since 1980. Few graduates of this course proceeded to medicine while majority became teachers in elementary and secondary schools after taking up 18 units in education. Those with an advanced degree in Biology became instructors in colleges and universities. An advanced degree in Biology serves the USEP or other University graduates in Biology, Agriculture, and Forestry in the region as they desire to become a researcher or a University lecturer.


The Master of Science in Biology is designed for research oriented and experienced biology teachers who typically hold first degrees in the field of Biology or related courses. It will provide the students with holistic know-how and academic competence in the field of biology with specialization in Botany, Zoology, and Ecology. It brings to application specific but scientific approaches in the study of biology.

Admission Requirements

All applicants for the admission into MS in Biology program must be holders of a bachelor’s degree.

Entry requirements for Biology Major: Applicants must have completed at least 18 units in Biology.

For Non-Biology Major: Applicants must have taken the required subjects listed in the program. A total of at least 27 units should be taken before s/he will be accepted to the program.

As a rule, applicants should comply with other requirements of the Office of Admission and the Office of Administration Student Records (OASR).

General Degree Requirements

The requirements for the MS in Biology degree include 31 units of course work, a comprehensive examination and a 6-units master thesis.

A comprehensive examination will be given upon completion of the academic courses. Comprehensive examinations will be given two months after the completion of the academic courses.

The master thesis is the final requirement. An approved thesis outline will be conducted after the comprehensive examination. Final defense will be conducted upon completion of the study.

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