The College of Arts and Sciences shall be a leading center of excellence in the arts and sciences and shall be a partner in research and development.


The College of Arts and Sciences shall enhance the fundamental development of every student by integrating and unifying the various fields of knowledge. The College shall also cultivate moral responsibility of the student as they practice critical thinking and sound judgment in day-to-day activities. Furthermore, the unit shall produce the graduates who are professionally competent in their chosen field of specialization, be it Biology, English, Mathematics, or Statistics.


  • Intellectually, to equip students with skills to think analytically, critically, and interdependently.
  • Socially, to develop peace-loving change agents with desirable values and leadership qualities and thoroughly aware of the impacts of social, economical, political, scientific, technological, and environmental issues while possessing the ability to manage such impacts;
  • Morally, to demonstrate a philosophy of life with a strong faith in the Divine Providence, a high sense of spiritual values and a deep appreciation for the natural heritage.


In consonance with the mandate of the University, the College of Arts and Sciences is committed to facilitate the integral development of an individual to enable him to effect changes in himself and environment to realize the fullness of life.