Campus Guidance Office

Guidance and Counseling are integral parts of the total educational process and are for all students. Its aim is to assist students in making their decisions and changing their behavior, based on what is developmentally appropriate and necessary for them to acquire at each level.


In line with the University’s vision of promoting the well-being of its constituents, The Guidance Office envisions itself as a dynamic instrument in providing services for the total development of the human person.ection and administration of the RDE programs of the University.


As a commitment to the University, the Guidance Office shall pursue to offer and facilitate professional help which aims to develop the individual student physically, mentally, spiritually, economically and socially within its field of operation.


  • To support the students in assessing their own abilities, interests, and personality traits as they develop and attain maximum utilization of their potentials.
  • To assist the students in making decisions and choices in life, promoting their growth toward self-direction, thus living a more meaningful life.
  • To develop and clarify their values in choosing the right career to prepare themselves for employment.
  • To assist especially the freshmen students in making necessary adjustments to the new environment.
  • To make counseling services available, to help students perform better academically, and to cope with their emotions to be more effective in their relationship with others.